Dating beer cans

Most beer bottles have some sort of date on them, but figuring out what they mean can be a bit confusing. Many brewers will buy these bottles back from a retailer a full retail price, so there is no reason to keeping old beer on the shelf. For many years A-B recommended a shelf life of days, but a few years ago extended that to days. While getting a beer as fresh as possible is great, aged beer can be pretty wonderful , so which beer should you pick up from the store? Well aging beer is unfortunately not as simple as letting a beer sit on a store shelf. Beer only ages correctly under the proper conditions.


Happy birthday, beer! The next time you pick up a cold one, check the bottle or can for a "born-on date. While you may not be curious about your beverage's birth for sentimental reasons, paying attention can definitely be good for your tastebuds. As most commercial beer ages, its flavor begins to deteriorate. Oxygen trapped in the can or bottle will begin to flatten the fizz. And the taste?

Once so mellow, it will start to take on a sharp sulfur edge and, unfortunately, assault your nostrils with a skunk-like stench. Miss this "drinking window" and you'll be left with a stale imposter. The Kitchn ]. However, most beer doesn't get better with age. On average, most commercial beer will have a shelf life of about six weeks from the time it is packaged. You can elongate a beer's lifespan by storing it out of sunlight and keeping it between 55 and 60 degrees F 13 and 16 degrees C.

In fact, some commercial beers from large breweries can be refrigerated up to a year -- as long as they are kept away from direct sunlight, which can break down flavors. At room temperature, commercial beer will keep about six months. Beer from microbreweries has a much shorter shelf life, so buy it on an as-needed basis [source: Professor's House ]. Don't see a born-on date? It's there, but it may not be easy to spot.

In order to alert distributors when beer is too old to be sold, brewers devised a code comprised of letters and numbers. The code lets distributors know when the beer was brewed, and where. It begins with a single letter, A through M, to correspond with each month of the year. Next, you'll see two numerals, which refer to the day of the month, followed by two numbers that correspond with the last two digits of the year.

Finally, two letters appear: The abbreviation of the state in which the beer was brewed. For example, AKS would mean a beer was brewed Jan. To complicate matters, not all brewers use the same secret code. Some use three character codes and others use four character codes that aren't as easily deciphered [source: Knecht ]. There are ways around this secret code, though. You can employ a few clues to avoid old beer. Don't buy dust-covered beer; it's sat out too long.

Don't buy beer that's displayed in direct sunlight or in a brightly lit case; it will probably be skunky. And, if you can help it, don't buy beer on sale. It could be on the brink of expiration [source: Before researching this article, I wasn't aware of all the nuances in making a proper beer purchase. I'm a sucker for sales and eye-catching displays, not to mention a fantastic label.

I guess it's time to be more conscientious about the condition of the beer I purchase, as well as how it's stored once I return home. Water Is Free. The Fascinating History of Lemonade. Should I pay any attention to my beer's 'born-on' date? Budweiser proudly displays its 'born-on' date, as seen on this case of beer. Are expired foods still safe to eat? Knecht, Bruce.

July 6, http: Does Beer Ever Expire? Related " ".

Dating Beer Cans is Easy if You Know What to Look For. Is Your Beer Can From or ?. Another good way of narrowing down the age of a can is by finding out when the brewery was in operation. On my.

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As a freshness leader in the beer industry, we do everything we can to give you the best beer possible. Like any perishable food, beer is best when consumed fresh. When fresh, your beer has more aroma and flavour, creating a better drinking experience.

It's All About The Beer

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Does Beer Expire?

Any of the recipes can be modified, we are always delighted to help beer connoisseurs develop their own custom beer. You can bring your own bottles, or buy them from us the first time. We also sell cans. You helped us create the number one destination craft beer making facility in the lower mainland. You will be asked to choose a bottling date. Choose a date and time at least 14 days after your order date to bottle your beer. Unfortunately, we cannot push forward your date — but you can push back your date — we still need the full 14 days to make your beer! If you are unable make your scheduled bottling date — please call us 48 hours in advance so we do not filter and carbonate your beer. Your beer hates the light. Beer can become light struck and develop off flavors skunky aroma and taste in a short order of time.

I get a lot of emails asking "how old is this can? I'll start off with some general hints and rules and then we'll get to specifics.

Happy birthday, beer! The next time you pick up a cold one, check the bottle or can for a "born-on date. While you may not be curious about your beverage's birth for sentimental reasons, paying attention can definitely be good for your tastebuds. As most commercial beer ages, its flavor begins to deteriorate.

Date coding for bottles and cans: It’s more important than you may think!

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Shop with. Another goodway of narrowing down the age of a can is by finding out when the brewery was in operation. Apr The ring-tab beer can first introduced in is now. We like to see only fresh beer on store shelves, so if you've found an out-of-date beer, let us know! News10 Dec. Free drinking water in the can for disaster-affected Queenslanders Read Article.

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All Prices Include Shipping! In a few rare cases, brewers stamped the actual date of production on beer cans some Rainer cans and other Western brewers did this. Unfortunately, the majority of beer cans are not dated so it takes a little digging around to establish the approximate date. Below we show how to narrow down the age of beer cans, by A surveying the big picture-more obvious considerations, B reviewing relevant publications, C delving into the can manufacturer's logos and codes, and, finally, D walking through an example. A statement like "Internal Revenue Tax Paid" was required to appear on beer cans from June 01, through March 30, However, it is overwhelmingly likely that the appearance of the tax statement places the can between and and the lack of such a statement places the can after March 30, Older cans to mids were made of a thicker gauge steel.

Should I pay any attention to my beer's 'born-on' date?

How long does beer last? Beer lasts for about months beyond dates on the label. Does beer go bad? Beer eventually goes flat and taste bad. Follow our suggestions to keep yours fresh as long as possible. Since beer is a type of alcohol, many people ask, " does beer go bad?

How to Date Cans

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Does beer really go bad after the 'best before'-date? I hear I can drink beers even after the expiration date, but is it safe, and does that still taste good? The beer will not be bad in the sense of unsafe to drink, since no harmful pathogens grow once the beer is fully fermented. So you can certainly drink the beer. However, the beer may not taste good! Over time, the beer will oxidize, both from oxygen introduced during packaging, but also through the release of oxygen from compounds previously oxidized in the beer.

Dogfish Head? Where did that come from? Do you have food at the brewery? Not just any food, beer-centric food. Funny thing, we do! One rule, it has to be a growler with the government warning - no buckets, milk jugs, coffee containers, or other weird vessels. Check it out….

Can You Drink Beer Past Its Expiration Date?!
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