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These lucky fans had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only meet K-pop stars, but interact with them in an unforgettable way. With Hyeri absent that day, the fan was able to take her spot. There are few things more nerve-wracking than dancing in front of a crowd alone. A few seconds later, Kai and Chen join in to help as well. During a special holiday GOT7 fan meeting, one lucky fan was chosen from the audience and brought onstage, where she received the ultimate gift:

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. What are the difficulties of being a Korean pop idol and to what extent do they outweigh the benefits. Cai Padget. What are the difficulties of being a Korean pop idol and to what extent do they outweigh the benefits? Francesca Padget The role of idols is not only to sing but to entertain; commonly participating in other fields such as Kdramas and films, attending fan events, performing in musicals,1 variety shows, and even moving across genre in their music.

The ultimate aim of Kpop is to make money, but the songs themselves reflect the hopes, dreams, and problems of the younger generation at which they are aimed. These artists are usually recruited from a young age, either through auditions or scouting, and given training. Once they are deemed to be ready, they debut into the Kpop world and perform until they are considered no longer a viable commodity. This lifestyle requires a mentality that most Koreans adopt; that hard work, and only hard work, is the key to success.

This report will explore the creation of a Kpop star, and the treatment they receive throughout their career. There will be a focus on the contracts idols sign, reasons for idols suing their companies, as well as the training and treatment of the idols especially regarding their freedom and exploitation. The contract works by starting a debt when the artist signed on, that grows as time goes by. This debt includes all expenses paid by the company: However, the company does not need to be transparent about the debt, known as the BEP Break-even Point , meaning that most artists have no way of knowing how much they have paid off, or how much they are making.

No Minwoo 1 E Kim. Boyfriend have yet to turn a profit? The Korea Fair Trade Commission sent notice to 10 major entertainment companies in , asking them to modify contract terms that were judged to be unfair to artists concerning their personal life. A problem with the distribution of profits itself is the method: The second method means that the members share in the pay even when they did not earn it.

A is probably the main visual focus of the group and the most popular member, and therefore given the most opportunities by the company. While some groups make billions See Table 1 , others only make 4, USD a year15 demonstrating the gap between established groups and rookie groups. However, this gap is not only present between groups but between members.

Groups who already make a small amount 6 jun2yng. Hangeng reveals his reasons for leaving Super Junior. Ac- cessed: Former EXO member Z. Tao speaks about why he really left SM. Kpop Idols Pay Distribution. Figures for annual sales in in sales, receive even less for their income and it takes far longer to pay back their debt, even while their company makes billions. What can be drawn from this is that companies have little regard for the rights of individuals, putting their own needs far above those of their employees.

Occasionally, potential idols are scouted off the street based purely on their looks, as was the case for Jungkook who was scouted by 8 different companies. Similarly, SM Entertainment tried to recruit Krystal but her parents refused, saying that she was too young at age 5, but offered her 20 SeoulMafia. Their manager, who had come with them, shouted at them and the hospital staff to hurry up, and even adjusted the IV drip to increase its speed to the maximum before ripping the needle out when the process was not even half done and taking them to the ceremony.

Just Sign Here. Idols you may not have known who suffered from extreme depression and anxiety. The idol that was scouted by 8 different entertainment companies. Songs were assigned the night before the live broadcast, and during their few rehearsals, Moore seldom had a drum-kit. However Janey was banned from performing on music shows due to her age. Training consists of vocal, dance, and language lessons, the latter of which has become increasingly important with the spread of Kpop around the world.

This spread has also resulted in a greater participation of international trainees, however, these trainees have to experience even more difficulties as they not only have to learn Korean alongside other languages, but also endure the effects of loneliness and culture shock. They also often experience racist bullying from other trainees. Many of the trainees still attend school while training, giving them even more work to keep up with, though some drop out of education to focus solely on training meaning which can prove problematic when they retire.

However, some of the larger companies are beginning to provide counseling sessions to help teach these idols to live normally and use public transport. Perhaps it is unsurprising that the number of trainees present by the end of the training is significantly less than at the beginning. But this training sometimes pushes the trainees too far. A trainee of Alpha Entertainment was reportedly told to push through training after she pulled an inner thigh muscle during dance class which shows the lack of care for these trainees.

Interesting Idol Casting Stories. Picador, Made It In Ohio: The Babies of K-pop: How Young is Too Young? Long years of training behind idol stars - Korea Today. Kpop Idol Trainee Life. In some cases one bedroom is shared between all the members and their manager, which can easily cause tension, even to the point where one member is bullied by the others. The company does little to discourage this and perhaps even exacerbates the problem by selecting only a few of the members to promote individually.

This causes jealousy and dislike towards the more popular members, as well as anxiety over individual fame. This preparation has often been given as a reason to punish and shout at idols for minor infractions. One described the punishment you would receive if you were late or break the rules, and another discusses how much happier she became once she quit. The lack of concern from the company, managers, and other trainees is arguably more shocking than the actual incidence of self-harm.

The word sponsor is a euphemism for rich and influential men that pay a lot of money and provide backing and support for celebrities who in return provide sexual favours. Last year, an entertainment label director was arrested for illegal prostitution of female celebrities who were having financial difficulties. A trainee said that on one occasion men came in to watch the trainees practice. But they were there to pick amongst the trainees in person In , the CEO of Open World Entertainment was arrested for sexually abusing the female idols and trainees, as well as coercing other male artists to do the same.

This kind of content is questionable in itself, but when sung by a 15 year old it gives it an uncomfortably suggestive tone. On the other hand, girl groups are constantly exploited to appeal to their male fans, and it must be questioned whether they approve of the image they present, or whether they have no choice. Australian who became a K-pop idol. Ex-SM Entertainment trainee reveals the harsh reality of trainee life.

Label director and staff member arrested for aiding prostitution deals of female celebrities in the United States. After debut, idols are similarly restricted by not being Figure 1: During that time he apparently had a gastric ulcer, acid reflux, an unhealthy lung, and overworked vocal cords. For three out of the five days he served as the MC for the company events, and was only able to see the island when he snuck out of the hotel at 2am. He then flew to Shanghai for a solo fan meeting as well as interviews and signings.

Upon returning to Korea he attended several shows as well as another solo fan meeting, and several other events. In some cases, overworking can lead to men- tal problems, as it did with T. P who developed depression, and had frequent anxiety attacks in One area which is intrinsic to the industry is the song-writing, and choreographing process. Previously, artists had no choice over what songs they sang, or what it sounded like, as it was often produced by Scan- dinavian companies with a fixed format.

This is changing and many artists now produce their own songs and choreography. However, this freedom comes with a price. Although the artists increasingly produce their own songs and dances, they still have to perform all their events on top of it, meaning that their sched- ule is even busier than they would be otherwise. The Road to K-pop Stardom: The Dark Side of K-pop. However, the number of accidents and injuries that occur suggests that idols are overexerting themselves.

In the space of 11 days, Lay was taken to hospital on 3 separate occasions for 3 separate problems, and this was following a previous injury a month before involving a motorcycle accident. He then continued filming a few days later in China, even though stating that his injury was not completely healed. Later that day, he was taken to hospital after sustaining a neck and back injury on set.

There are much more serious incidents than fainting, and many of them relate to the idols pushing them- selves too far physically. Another common cause of idol injuries is car accidents. In , Seo Jeohyo died as he was being rushed to a recording event. The cause was attributed to excessive schedules and driving while tired. EunB died on scene, and Rise after she had been unconscious for four days See Figure 2. This particular event sparked many fans, and even many idols, to criticse how companies treat their idols.

Solo singer Eru said: Jo Kwon, formerly of JYP 62 kminjungee. Kpop News: It was revealed that Tao was the guest mentioned as he was seen with a thick bandage around his calf after surgery, but still attended events 24th May Tao was hit in the chest by a dancing partner and subsequently sent to hospital, but returned to the concert the next day 2nd June Tao fell into the stage lift because of a mis-operation by a staff member but attended the concerts following 19th July Tao injured by stage property, and fell to the ground whilst doing a somersault.

On the other hand, idols dating fans is much rarer and is considered more It is also an area where the Korean and Western entertainment. Actress Park So Hyun turned out to be an expert on K-Pop idols! She showed that she was a true fan of K-Pop idols on the talk show Life Bar.

The Tokyo District Court has rejected a damages suit filed by a talent agency against a former member of an idol pop group for breach of contract because she dated a fan. The same court in September ruled that a different former teen group member should pay compensation for having a romance in defiance of the ban on dating imposed on many idol entertainers. In the latest lawsuit, the talent agency based in Tokyo argued it could seek compensation from the year-old woman based on a clause in the contract. The clause stated that compensation can be requested when losses stem from an idol group member dating a fan. The woman signed the contract with the talent agency in April

Korean idol is a term used for South Korean musical artists who acquire devoted fans from being signed under a mainstream entertainment agency.

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Kwon left the group after a post uploaded to SNS alleged he had sexually harassed fans at fan sign events and dated the owners of fansites. Whilst idols dating other idols is still generally considered a scandal, it is not wholly uncommon. On the other hand, idols dating fans is much rarer and is considered more taboo than your usual run-of-the-mill dating scandals. It is also an area where the Korean and Western entertainment industries are more similar than they are different. There are only a few examples of Western celebrities dating fans: Austin was revealed to be dating a long-time fan who had publicly expressed her adoration towards the actor on social media.

The dark side of Asia’s pop music industry

What makes Seoul such an interesting true world city is that it has been able to keep its traditions alive despite the rapid socio-economic transformation. Die-hard fans would go as far as stalking their idols by waiting for hours outside their agencies. No wonder why these idols are always photographed wearing facial masks whenever they are in public places. The posh area of Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong in Gangnam are solid bets for celebrity sighting. But if you think that bumping into these celebs are as easy as walking into cafes, then think again. With constant public scrutiny and pretty much every single entertainment news outlet is out there to get the latest scoop, most Korean celebrities have devised a way to avoid causing public melt down. How exactly if you ask? In an interview with Philstar.

Kwon Chung-won Juvenile Protection Manager: Yang Sung-jin Tel:

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8 Idols and Groups That Would Never Get Away With Dating

Skip to content. Support the journalists who bring The World to you. Korean pop music has a problem. Male stars are certainly exploited, too. Three years later, South Korea debuted its first "idol" group, the boy band H. From then until the early s, the nascent genre entered the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. Then it exploded. In , the record label S. The K-pop empire is now perhaps the country's biggest export , yet the product it peddles, dripping with bubblegum imagery and witless refrains, is all too often incredibly sexist. J-pop and C-pop are hardly better, while American hip-hop is arguably worse. The difference is, when J. But when it comes to their Korean counterparts, talent is optional.

There’s hope for us all! Superfan now dating her idol after tweeting him for FIVE YEARS

Please refresh the page and retry. The announcement lit up social media, with fans rallying to support the young couple and lashing out over the decision. A few hours later, Cube backtracked, saying that the fate of the artists was still under discussion and would be handled at a board meeting next week. T he dating controversy has shed a spotlight on the highly regimented world of the multibillion-dollar K-pop industry where stars are subjected to a gruelling training regime from an early age to project an image of perfection and utmost loyalty to fans. Keeping romance a secret remains an unspoken rule. They announced the news in an August interview with the Yonhap news agency.

There’s hope for us all! Superfan now dating her idol after tweeting him for FIVE YEARS

As it turns out, some of those fans are stars themselves. When BTS presented an award at the Grammys , they rubbed shoulders with their celebrity supporters while they were seated right in the center of things, next to Camila Cabello and just behind Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton. After meeting the boys of BTS backstage at the American Music Awards in , the group and Shawn Mendes — himself a global megastar — discussed putting together a collaboration while on camera. In summer , Mendes shared with media outlets that the desired music was still in the works. Popular DJ Steve Aoki is known for his dance music hits, working with artists like Kid Cudi, Louis Tomlinson and blink and playing for festivals and nightclubs around the world. Banks had only positive things to say about her interactions with the Korean stars, and it seems the affection was mutual: While in the U.


Can kpop idols dating fans. Sherry Schroeder, 26 years old. Following the shockingly unexpected news of SHINee' s Jonghyun and actress Shin Se Kyung dating only a couple of days ago, it seems like everyone has turned on their celebrity relationship radars. More people are becoming vigilant of celebrity relationships while spreading speculations on which celebrities are dating who. But no matter how interesting celebrity relationships may be for the fans and general public alike, it only becomes more of a burden for can kpop idols dating fans celebrities involved, since they too are ordinary humans at the end of the day - humans who would prefer to keep their personal lives separate from their careers. These days, it's no hidden fact that fans are becoming more possessive over their favorite idol group members, making it all the more difficult for them to proudly confirm their relationship statuses.

8 Idols and Groups That Would Never Get Away With Dating

Here are the 10 K-Pop idols who dated and got married while active as celebrities. Just this week, one of the most famous 1st generation K-Pop idols and an idol from the 2nd generation have announced their engagement for marriage! In celebration of their upcoming love contract, we look back at the idols who have tied the knot while still active as celebrities. Must Read: She now raises two beautiful girls, named Hailey and Elisha.

Court rules pop idol has right to pursue happiness, can date

Let them date or marry who they want Emotions ran high as HyunA and Cube Entertainment went back and forth in a weekslong public battle. JY Park, the CEO of JYP Entertainment, also wrote in a tweet in that there was a three-year dating ban at his company, during which trainees are encouraged to focus on practicing and refrain from dating and meeting friends. He added that trainees and stars are not restricted from dating after three years. Read also: Cube Entertainment withdraws decision to expel HyunA after public backlash.

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