Nivea dating the dream

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Nivea On Christina Milian Dating Another One Of Her Exes: 'That's Not Cute To Me'

She may be high but not dry. What a gross little incestuous group. Worse than a WV trailer park.. Intelligent productive ppl do not procreate at the rate ignant worthless fools do.. Check your census…. I new this guy back in the day tried to kiss me and he kinda look like lil Wayne. I promise I threw up all over his car when I turned and saw him coming. Condoms saves life. Poor lady. Satisfied with being with a name, and enjoying all the useless stuff he can buy weaves, and purses..

Anonymous I screamed so loud I scared the cat! So you think I think not he could not pay to fuck me!!!! Damn even Mike Tyson was smart enuf to go get with a doctor Monica. What is the combined earning potential of Christina, Nivea whoever she is and the rest of them thirsty thots? Dumber than Iron Mike? Christina is not as dumb as the rest of these women. She atleast received a 4mil dlr divorce settlement from the dream. They all trash. The end. The crazy part is that he is will broke in a couple of years and none of these will even have these options luckily his older daughter will be grown but the rest will be short.

How do they make any money in the age of the CD man and free digital downloads.. I ask this question all the time. The bitch said it aint cute but then again they all stupid and retarded for having a baby by a man before getting to know him LOL Nobody cares about these people. Jacky should delete this article and never talk about any of them ever again. But i would take it personal too But Chritine Millian doesnt seem to be be sincere and seem to be riding on anyone coattails for a come up.

I mean didnt she just fropped J Price son, who was her current fiancee so she could get with lil Wayne? I mean dam. Smh We are going into and she still acting like a groupie. These industry niggas, at least Christian only has 1child, beat it bitch. I gotta agree with nivea…. As soon as I heard christina was with young money…. Without a song or album…. You all as women lauren, nivea, Sarah, christina are a mess….

I have never heard him say he loved them nor have I heard these women say they loved him…. But did wayne ever love you as a woman? Nivea was with wayne in the beginning and married the dream…. She was with both men before they were famous…. Christina I hear screw for tracks…. Christina you too damn old to be playing with lil wayne…. You have a daughter…. Get in a real relationship or stay single…. You and ciara are similar ….

You see fire… People tell you about the fire and you still step in… Not cool! Nivea wayne and the dream are laughing at you and they all have a reason to do so. After all, Lil Waynes baby mamas are friends. Ex means free to do who or whatever you want—single means the same. Why blame the woman??? I think that Nivea may be a little burnt butt, because it like damn…. Shit she might try to smash Nivea next she is working in a round about way to get there. The only one that my have some since is Lauren London, we never see her with the rest of his bed winches.

Christina signed to young money. Lil Wayne, thinks the same. So, I see publicity written all over them. Worse case scenario, she ends up with a baby. But she definitely needs the attention to bring her back. Girl bye! Mili does not and she mad because they are each 0thers completion that is all… they like the same dudes and they dudes like them. All these chickenheads need to stop. Wayne aint even cute but beautiful kids though. He only wifed up Toya and hasnt put a ring on nobody else.

Christina is a bird she will continue to get those crumbs. Reginae is a beautiful chocolate girl. Dont blame the child for the parents nonsense. These women need to be careful because they ruined themselves by having babies with this gremlin called lil wayne. Its been reported that Cash Money Records is running low on money. Next thing they will file for bankruptcy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click here - to use the wp menu builder. Nivea has fetal alcohol syndrome permanentdrunkface. That is so wrong but I couldnt forcedown the chuckle. Right Lol, Yucky, he gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dats hilarious. Lil Wayne will look exactly the same with Depends showin instead of drawers. Hope he cuts those fake dreads tho..

And sorry, Reginae.. I thought that was Bobbi Kristina in the pic. Birdman gives him a allowance and gifts straight pimp shit. Christina has always been a lil nasty trifling ass thang. Seeking attention. Doesnt surprise me. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Most Popular Ever. The New Face of Prostitution! Jul 27, Jul 30, Apr 29, Jul 15, Aug 29, Mar 5, Mother is Begging For Prayer Mar 16, Jul 20, Load more.

Nivea who has three children from The Dream and one from Lil Wayne. In February of , Nivea began dating the N.O. rapper, Lil' Wayne. 'It's just been a really trying time as an artist.' Nivea was all the rage in the early s. Her quick rise was followed by a long disappearance.

Nivea B. Hamilton born March 24, , [1] better known by the mononym Nivea , is an American singer whose recordings reached the Billboard charts during the early s. She has released three studio albums:

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are reportedly dating, but one of the rapper's 'baby mamas' has thrown shade at the relationship. And now it seems the rumours have been confirmed by Lil Wayne's ex, Nivea, as she describes the relationship as "craziness".

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The-Dream Opens Up About Past Marriage To Nivea, Remains Quiet About Christina Milian

Of course, Milian was married to The-Dream, and they have their daughter, Violet, together. Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. She had this to say to people so quick to defend Milian:. Another individual told Nivea that Milian never did anything to her and that age the age of 35 they were just throwing a number out there she should do better. Because of her comments, that person said that they were no longer a fan.

Christina Milian and Nivea feud over Lil Wayne, complicated connections

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Nivea who has three children from The Dream and one from Lil Wayne, recently took to Instagram to throw some shade to Tina According to a source, their busy schedules were

She may be high but not dry. What a gross little incestuous group.

Nivea lil wayne christina milian dating

Nash, who records under the name The-Dream. Nash, 30, was sprawled on a couch at Power Stewart writes the music, Mr. Nash the lyrics. Nash has often said that they wrote the song in 15 minutes. Stewart said. But while Mr. He has been criticized for an uncharismatic stage presence, however, and when he opened for Mary J. When the Grammy nominations for were announced, he was upset that his solo work was overlooked. Antonio Reid, known as L. Written during Mr. Nash admitting that all the Bentleys and trips to Paris he bought to show his affection ended up just making him feel used.

Lil Wayne & The Dream Are Absent Baby Daddies: Nivea Reveals Her Personal Struggles

Nivea has a few words for Christina Milian Nivea at one point was married to The-Dream and had three kids. The-Dream later married Christina Milian and the couple had one child together. Nivea at one point was engaged to Lil Wayne and the couple had one child. Christina Milian is currently dating Lil Wayne.

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Nivea B. Hamilton born March 24, , [1] who performs under the mononym Nivea , is an American singer whose recordings reached the Billboard charts during the early s. She released three studio albums: Nivea , Complicated and Animalistic and an independently released extended play Nivea: Undercover

Nivea B. Hamilton born March 24, , who performs under the mononym Nivea , is an American singer whose recordings reached the Billboard charts during the early s. She released three studio albums: Nivea , Complicated and Animalistic and an independently released extended play Nivea: Undercover

Skip to main content. You have exceeded the maximum number of MP3 items in your MP3 cart. Please click here to manage your MP3 cart content. I Can't Mess With You. Nivea Introducing The Dream.

Nivea Opens Up About Relationships With Lil Wayne, The Dream, Talks New Music + More
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