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Along with key review factors, this compensation may impact how and where sites appear on the page including, for example, the order in which they appear. Since , this sophisticated dating site has developed time-tested matching tools based on the psychological principles of attraction. The prices are as follows:. The most difficult part about joining eharmony is the lengthy signup process. Creating a profile on eharmony takes a long time about 30 minutes to complete because you have to get through a flurry of questions — though not as many as you used to. The team has parsed its questions down to the really important aspects of attraction and compatibility.

eHarmony Review May 2019

Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. After a painful divorce, I decided to put myself back out there after it had been a while. After an intense questionnaire, I was only matched with 2 people.

I even live near a highly populated metro area. I talked to 1 guy for about a month. Any time I mentioned us meeting up he kind of dodged the question. I started to wonder if this guy was legit, married or something. Somehow he let it slip that he knew my full name and everything about me. He admitted he hacked into my account! He said he works with security fraud and did it to make sure I was a real person and not a fake profile because he had been catfished before.

I was really upset that this person was able to get into my account and find out all my information. Just apologized. I was so freaked out that I cancelled my membership, blocked this person and had my credit card deactivated just to be safe. I think the site is a scam that preys on lonely people. I spoke to a friend that used eHarmony several years used eHarmony BTW, she did not someone from EH , so she said, "Save about an hour or so for the questions that eHarmony will ask!

BTW, what a joke First, I said I would join after I see what the website is all about. How are you to find a REAL person with such general questions with about a dozen or so questions? Very discouraging! The Ole' Bait and Switch game in pricing! Then there's more Get with eHarmony People are going to try to at least see who really sent the profiles via the www, even your blurred obscured profiles.

BTW some people actually know how to use the www. People are curious by nature! Some of us actually have the skillset to see if your profiles are true or false I did see one of a few ladies that her profile said she was 42, in fact, she is over 10 years older than her profile stated; she does not even live in the state or even the part of the country that here profile says Come on people, you are paying for a service so why lie It was not the fact that this lady was 53, heck, I am 54 and actually like ladies around my age unlike most men around my age So after being highly discouraged with the whole online dating BS apps, I decided to say goodbye to eHarmony and delete my profile forever.

The commercials, false advertising should be dealt with However, under a further review of the commercials, eHarmony shirts the line between truthful and false advertising. However, the bait and switch in pricing once you enter your profile is real, oh again they have their lawyers do a great job in crafting the eHarmony Terms and Conditions, but still wrong with the Bait and Switch model regardless of how the Terms and Use reads. Human nature says that if one person stops using a service such as eHarmony, there is another person to immediately fill that spot, Judge for yourselves!

Me, 2 thumbs down on eHarmony. Well, I had a very hopeful heart that eHarmony was going to aid me in finding someone to share the remaining of my life with. I had heard a lot of positive stories about people finding their love partner on eHarmony and since it was a paid site I thought it would be even better to find someone who wanted to make a effort to find happiness and love again. Boy, was I dead wrong. What I mean is with the expectation of two decent guys all of the others were out for one thing to have sex.

I stated in my profile on the site that I was looking for someone to have a long meaningful relationship with and was not looking for a one night stand. I thought stupid me that people looked at your profile with some of the same feeling as me. I guess I was so out of the dating scene for so long that I was expecting the better of there people. The only reason I even did this stupid dating site because I had lost the love of my life 5 years ago to illness.

I was 39 years old and maybe just maybe wanted to start a friendship and fall in love again with someone special. Funny because I went on to another dating site against my better judgment to not only find a amazing man but also ask me to marry him. Don't waste your money on this service. It provides no added value over free dating apps. There are lots of "free" user profiles who don't have access to communicate but are sent out as matches regularly.

Unless you live in a major city such as NYC there likely won't be sufficient active matches to connect with. Dear C, Thank you for your feedback, everyone who joins eharmony and completes our Relationship Questionnaire successfully is first matched as a non-subscriber. We give all of our members the opportunity to experience our successful matching process and therefore, both paid and non-paid members are included in the matching pool.

If you'd like us to see what we can do to improve your matching, please email us from the email associated with your eharmony account. And these people taking advantage of the free trial? Numerous scammers! I unfortunately was targeted numerous times. I tried cancelling my subscription on the last day and upon cancelling it immediately renewed. I was then told that the policy stating that you can get your money back within three days does not apply for automatic renewals.

How can they renew something that is cancelled?! The customer services was poor and all around a terrible experience costing me dollars! Save your money and time! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I read these reviews and I am here to say I have had a very positive experience. After 3 months of sifting and going on dates I found my perfect match.

We have been together for 2 years and we are 3 hours away. I have never felt so happy in my life. He was definitely made for me. I have tried a million other dating sites and got nothing but junk and a lot of catfishers so this was a big relief to finally find the man of my dreams on eHarmony. We are planning our big day soon and getting ready for our transition.

I would recommend just sticking with it and God will send you what's for you. Thank you for sharing your success and congratulations!! Stepping outside your comfort zone, especially with regards to Distance, can be really hard, but it can and often does make the difference for success. We're so happy to hear you took that chance. If you have not already reported your story to us, please email us from the email address on your account. We'd love to hear more about your story.

Eharmony puts people on their sites without knowledge that most of them are catfishers, the people that I spoke with either never responded or they were not real profiles. I asked for a refund and since it was past 3 days they would not give it, how would anyone know that it was a waste in 3 days. HOW can you possibly sleep at night knowing that people are being taken advantage of. I knew it and you didn't I again ask for a refund. Please reconsider you have totally taken advantage of me and I am sure for other woman who don't know to report people.

Signed up because a trusted friend recommended eHarmony. I live in a city with 10 million people, yet I'd only get paired up with guys who lived 5 hours away or more - some of them 10 hours away! How are you supposed to date someone who lives so far away you'd have to drive hours for a date?!? And, even if they had lived closer, there was not a single one who even caught my interest. Tried Match, went on many fun and interesting dates.

About three months after I signed up I tried getting my money back, but there was no way they'd return even a portion of it. A few months later, I logged on and saw that they had started categorizing people by race: Do they think people are afraid of accidentally dating outside of their own race? Is this the 's? I know they've been working hard to stay relevant in the ocean of new dating sites that pop up, but the results are awful. I used eHarmony several years ago and had such a positive experience.

So when I decided to try online dating again, I definitely wanted to use eHarmony again. It was bad from the get go but I wanted to give it a fair chance so I used eHarmony for a couple of weeks. I finally got one match that I actually decided to share my number with and it was very obvious it was not the person and was extremely scary.

I was definitely dome and was fine to cancel and pay for the three months already paid for about two weeks of "service " but they won't stop charging me. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your feedback and we are very sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a match. I want to assure you that we share your concerns regarding the existence of fraud suspects online.

We have a dedicated team who works to review accounts proactively in an effort to remove fraud suspects before they are even matched.

I used eHarmony several years ago and had such a positive experience. So when I decided to try online dating again, I definitely wanted to use eHarmony again. eHarmony is a great matchmaker service that is perfect for singles new to online dating and particulary for those seeking a serious relationship.

Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

Or you're tired of going on dates and having the person randomly stop texting you back, or tired of the "What are we? Yeah, well 10 million other people are tired of the same things, and they've put their love lives in the hands of eharmony.

I bought a 1 year subscription and cancelled within the specified period and followed every instruction correctly. They did not cancel my subscription, I had to do a chargeback with American Express. Not a trustworthy business, no customer support

eHarmony Review – A Complete Guide

Their sophisticated matching system uses a personality survey and profile information to introduce users to highly compatible members that they believe will result in a successful pairing. Internationally eHarmony reports big statistics to verify that their system works with an average of eHarmony members marrying every day in the United States as a result of being matched on the site. It does not allow you to browse or search for users, so it is a bit difficult to assess the age range of members. Examples of works include clever, affectionate, generous, stable. Followed by questions on how you go about life, such as doing things to a plan, seeking adventure, if you prefer to lead or follow, spend time alone or with people, how skilled are you in creating romance in a relationship.

eHarmony Reviews

All Rights Reserved. With a focus on determining compatibility, eHarmony. Long known as the go-to site for finding true, lasting love, eHarmony has maintained its position as a leader in the online dating industry. Unlike other mainstream dating sites that continually update features to adapt to current trends, eHarmony stays true to its roots, dating back to its launch in Sure, the site updates its matching system based on the more data accumulated, but beyond that the way the site functions has remained basically the same, which only further goes to show that its approach to creating successful romantic connections simply works. The dating site gathers a good deal of personality information from users through a lengthy registration questionnaire and then uses its proprietary matching system to determine the factors that predict successful romantic connections by identifying complementary traits, similarities, and differences that show broad-based compatibility. In other words, the site collects a ton of data about you and everyone else on the site and then matches you with others based on those 29 dimensions of compatibility. With 17 years of proof that the matching system works , and an ever-growing amount of data to further refine the system as new users sign up and find partners, the site has a pretty legitimate grasp on how to match others for long term love and is arguably the closest thing in the digital world to hiring a personal matchmaker. Instead users can only see those people the site has identified as potentially good matches for them so that means there are no browsing or searching features available. Members discover others based on their intentionally limited number of matches the site shows them each day.

Why would you waste your hard earn cash for mind games. Creatures who are NOT who they are.

If you are serious about finding a committed, loving relationship, then check out our review and signup for eharmony to review your matches for free! They offer 1, 3, and 6 month membership plans, and are also one of the only online dating sites to offer a 12 month plan.

eharmony Review

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