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So I watched the quick look of AC: B about 4 or 5 times before the release and couldnt really tell if I liked what I saw about the multiplayer. The multiplayer is so unique in every way. Maybe there are some games out there that are similar but none that I have seen recently. It is just such a satisfying game, walking through a crowd to have your target jump right in front of you to get the easy takedown.

I'd like a return of the Assassin's Creed multiplayer...

So I watched the quick look of AC: B about 4 or 5 times before the release and couldnt really tell if I liked what I saw about the multiplayer. The multiplayer is so unique in every way. Maybe there are some games out there that are similar but none that I have seen recently. It is just such a satisfying game, walking through a crowd to have your target jump right in front of you to get the easy takedown. I really am loving it right now how bout the rest of the bombers??? If you have questions about the game in general I could try to help.

I have done some story but not too much, however I have done quite a bit of multiplayer. Probably not, seeing as it is currently taking about twenty to thirty minutes at the "waiting for abstergo agents" screen for each round. I suppose I could play single player, but I already saw the Ezio story that mattered and I really don't see what more there could be that would have anything to do with Desmond, at this point.

I suspect that someone at some point along the line said "hey, why get three games out of this series when you can get four of them by telling more Ezio stories! Money grab. Sure am eager for the matchmaking to be fixed, though, because the couple hours I got to play was pretty interesting. I've been having a good time with the MP. Currently at level 5, I think. Anyone know if there's a way to tell when the people hunting you have spotted you, or locked on to you?

I know there's an arrow when they do something high-profile, but is there something similar to the way the compass lights up when you can see your own target? I don't want some ass hole with a mic and a big mouth to ruin plot points for me. I had a hell of a time getting into games late last night not sure what the issue was , but when I DID get into games I had an absolute blast.

Tons of fun. When the game isn't getting stuck on load screens or leaving me without a contract for 4 minutes its fantastic. The only two multiplayer games that I have ever gotten into are Street Fighter and Starcraft, I have never liked shooters as they feel too twitchy and too fast for me. So I have one question, is this a thinking-man's game? So when you have someone targeted in multiplayer a round meter fills up around the button prompt to assassinate. What does this meter mean exactly?

I will be over miles away from my PS3 until June and I'm going to be really bummed if I miss the bandwagon. Even the official newsfeed of AC: Brohood's MP states plainly not to rely on the counter-stun as a foolproof tactic. From my experience, It only works if your attacker hesitates for too long, but if the assassin is right next to you then the stabber will always beat the counter-stunner.

Also, a smoke bomb can be used to make them choke up, but if you have someone else pursuing you the smoke will instantly give away your position, so only use it if you have to. Yes, I know people have probably already said this shit, but I am liking it so far sans the annoying bugs with the game engine. I'm pretty much with everyone else.

What are you suppose to do in that situation? I see my enemy running and all I can think to do is give chase but its quite difficult to catch up to them and it reveals you as their pursuer. I just started playing. And then, on top of that, the singleplayer is better than expected considering this game seemed to be just marketed as an MP game from everything I saw. I have done some story but not too much, however I have done quite a bit of multiplayer ". I am barely getting into games.

Maybe I am unlucky. I'm getting 1st place a lot yet have more deaths and less kills: I like how that works cuz I suck and still win! Guess that is where the don't run like an idiot comes into play. I haven't got the hang of it yet. So it is not soo much fun yet. But I am maybe matches in. But it is certainly refreshingly unique. Nice addition to a game I buy for the single player. You rank up in either game so what is the difference?

I did the test game with bots, but I'm way more into playing the single player game. I'll try it out more this weekend when more people will likely be playing. Please Log In to post. Sackmanjones Follow Forum Posts: I haven't even begun to play it. I've been soo busy with the amazing single-player. I beat it and want to replay it already. Ya I really wanna jump into that.

I have just been crazy busy and I want to have at least a few hours to get sucked in. Branthog Follow Forum Posts: Thats really unfortunate I have had only minor problems with matchmaking but once you get in a game you can usually stay in for a long time. Im on ps3. Branthog said: Cr0ssbow Follow Forum Posts: If they stay low profile there's not a thing that will give them away to you, barring your own observation skills.

It is kind of frustrating at first, but there are ways to throw 'em off track, and if you jog a step or two once in a while outside line of sight of your own target, of course you might trick them into giving away their position. It's not so much about not letting them kill you, it's letting them kill you for the least amount of points possible.

Break them out of incognito or make them use the Hidden Gun. Unless you're doing a team match, I think that talking would mostly give clues to the people you're hunting about how close you are. Sargus Follow Forum Posts: Thanks, that's about what I figured. Looking at some of the higher skills, it also seems like they get into having duplicates, etc. Yep, and the smoke bombs and firecrackers are pretty useful too. Problem is knowing the right exact moment to use them.

The tension of staring at some guy just walking towards you and trying to figure out if they're AI or not, haha, part of the fun. I still feel the best defense is hiding within a standing or walking group of NPCs that look like you. Problem is that eats up precious time that you could be stalking your own target. It's a tough decision, and part of the strategy. KamikazeCaterpillar Follow Forum Posts: This game is awesome. Personally I like just letting the computer walk me around.

If you dont hit the stick when you spawn the game walks you in the pre-determined path. Extra sneaky. I havent tried it but can you kill your pursuers before they kill you? Like they get ID'ed for being retarded and running around just run up and shank em. Any points for that? No you really need to use the mic. Its been pretty hilarious so far. Hourai Follow Forum Posts: I'd love to check it out, but my Xbox Gold ran out and I'm broke: Cunning and intelligence go a long way.

Oh and knowing how Assassin's Creed controls work. They're pretty unique and it's easy to get flustered and caught on weird ledges and such. Marcsman Follow Forum Posts: The MP so far has been great. Only two complaints so far. Waiting for a match to start. You cannot play with friends in Wanted. And everbody wants to stab their friends in the back. It may be possible, but the closest I've come is that once, by accident I knocked out my pursuer while running through a crowed and hitting B like mad.

Marcsman said:

im starting to realize how much the multiplayer sucks anyways. targeting is terrible. i killed so many civilians because my character turned randomly away from. AC: Brotherhood Multiplayer Challenges and Tier 3 Rewards. By hoimingmissile Use THROWING KNIVES to slow down your target. +XP.

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Especially because Brotherhood is directly following the story of the predecessor. The lead role is taken over by Ezio Auditore, and everything starts in his villa at the top of Monteriggioni, now under his administration.

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Posted by Admin in October 20, multiplayer1creed1brotherhood1slow1matchmaking1assassins. Nitro is also available as a social multiplayer. On the multiplayerside, it assassin's creed brotherhood multiplayer slow matchmaking suffers from bugs, glitches and slow servers. Brotherhood Multiplayer, their kill moves and biography.. AU matchmaking thing. I don't know if that is just lag or what but it is annoying..

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There's a wonderful counter intuitive inversion of expectations at work. Most players instinctively go for flashy parkour escapes and bold grab attempts. I managed to get the flag back to base by doing the opposite, creeping in while everyone was distracted and then carefully walking back in disguise so as not to arouse suspicion. However you like to play, Revelations seems to find a way to let you specialise. Others just want to run. The idea, balance-wise, is to give tools to everybody. So if you want to run, fine, you can run, but we'll also give a tool to the stealthy guy to catch you. They're much more powerful, so you can be stealthy, see your target running by and use a throwing knife to stop him. In single player you're able to craft lots of bombs so we took one of those, the tripwire bomb. It behaves a bit like a mine, so if you're using stealth in a crowd you can place one of these nearby and if anyone tries to attack you, it blows up in his face and then you can kill him, or stun him.

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review by Pedle Zelnip

Brotherhood , my years of Allied Armory espionage have taught me a thing or two about the art of backstabbing people when they least expect it. And while the parallels generally end there, I think an appreciation of patience, timing, and murder generally make for an effective assassin in either game. The first thing you need to know about Brotherhood multiplayer is that you unlock abilities, perks, and other options as you earn experience. Experience earned is identical to the points you receive during matches, so if you score a kill worth 1, points bravo! Unlocks vary from slight sidegrades to game-changing mechanics, so getting more will always benefit you, if not just by giving you more options for different situations. Review the in-game progression manual for the full unlock progression. For this reason, Disguise is very situational, since 15 seconds is not a long time if you hope to smoke out an enemy. Surprisingly enough, Sprint Boost makes you run much faster than normal. Therefore, this ability will never help you with stealth on either offense or defense. However, being able to put distance between you and a pursuer or close it between you and a target is often the only option, especially when opponents are using abilities like Templar Vision to undo your Disguise efforts. Sprint Boost is generally not advised on offense since using it forces you into High Profile, which greatly limits the points you can earn for a kill.

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is assassins creed brotherhood matchmaking slow?

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That's Damien Kieken, the multiplayer game director for Assassin's Creed, on the prospect of incorporating competitive game modes into a series designed around single player stealth, freedom of movement and one hit kills. The announcement of multiplayer in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood certainly raised skeptical eyebrows, but the end result won many over with its shrewd understanding of how best to transfer the series' strengths to an online arena. Even so, Damien admits that the multiplayer aspect was "quite complex and hard to get into". Deathmatch is just one of the new features being added to the multiplayer for Revelations, but it's key to understanding how Ubisoft's Annecy studio, nestled at the foot of the Alps on the Franco-Swiss border, is refining the experience to please as many players as possible. Deathmatch, Damien says, is their way of delivering "the same experience as Wanted, which everyone loved, but in a simpler way, with less rules, less things to learn.


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