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I have guardianship of my year-old grandson. He has recently fallen head over heels for a girl in his class and wants to date her. Thank you. Kids are maturing at younger ages than when we were growing up. Part of the reason may be that television, movies and the internet have exposed them to subjects we were not when we were their age.

Grandma Knows Best: Successful Relationship Advice From Nana

Ten children, 36 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren later—year-old, Georgene Reynolds considers herself the richest woman alive. How many right swipes does it take to achieve that? The days of meeting guys at dance halls, sock hops and roller rinks are long gone, but I wanted to know if women like Georgene had dating advice for young women. But after speaking with Georgene and then another group of 10 women ranging in age from their sixties to nineties, I came to quickly realize no such magic, one-size fits all potion exists.

Each relationship is just too uniquely different. Not only are the relationships unique, but also the generations in and of themselves qualify as a classic case of comparing apples and oranges. Scratch that. Still in the fruit family, but an altogether different palette, continent of origin and level of exoticism. Just comparing prime time television from then and now starts to give a bit of perspective into the cultural transformations that have occurred. There was no TV like there is today.

Tack on an increase in higher education and career opportunities for women and it makes sense why getting married immediately after high school is no longer the norm. As Georgene explained, past the age of 25 a woman used to be considered an old maid. Today a year-old is just getting started. While pillars like culture and education were much different, even details like the environments in which people meet have shifted. A gleeful smile was across the face of the woman who shared how she met her husband while working as a grocer.

You see them with their mothers, with their families. When you get caught up in the bar scene, it can get very dissatisfying very quickly. Generally speaking, whether it was a one-on-one, group or blind date the women believed their era was greatly different in terms of safety and level of comfort. But for all the negatives, these women have witnessed positives as well, citing couples they know that have had success with the sites.

As one woman pointed out, the beauty of a dating site is that it allows people to sort out their values first. This suggestion of figuring out who you are and what you want first pertains to that. The notion of values was a common theme brought up again and again by each of the women in their own way. Many spoke of the importance of a shared faith with their partner and how their aligned values acted as a backbone of their relationship.

For another woman, valuing the same activities such as traveling and dancing made for not one, but two incredible marriages, both surpassing 20 years. Still, while finding a partner with similar values sounds straightforward, many can attest that that is easier said then done. This was evident listening to another woman within the community share her experience of being married three times.

While the memories were emotional to share, she explained how when she was younger her more timid personality kept her from making waves when she was mistreated in her first marriage. The other women were taken aback in disbelief knowing this woman for the opinionated, bold individual she is today. Just because a relationship fails does not mean you have failed. You grow. You learn. You become stronger. Centuries upon centuries of people have searched for love. Be good to yourself and be good to others.

Editorial Contributor, Indiana University Major: Journalism Her heart belongs to: Not jogging. We have developed modern medicine. We have landed on the moon. We have the World Wide Web where most answers to conundrums are a Google away. But when it comes to love, we are still rolling dice. No Comments Yet Comments are closed.

There is dating advice all over the place, but Grandma has the wisdom to look at all the right and wrong choices she made herself in order to give the best. This relationship advice truly passes the test of time. Locke Hughes "When I was little, I remember asking my grandmother how you know that a guy is 'the one.

Relationship advice is a tricky thing. But when you actually seek it out, it can be hard to find what you're really looking for—like a definitive answer on whether or not yours is healthy, and what's truly important. Set up a weekly or monthly dinner where you only talk about relationship issues or goals.

Mostly a saturated app industry into finally turning a good woman. Imgur user nocapes considers her feelings from men today.

When I started the interview and told my Gram I'd be asking her for dating advice, she blurted out in shock: I then clarified that I was, in fact, still single, but wanted to get some advice on dating in my twenties. She replied, "Oh, OK.

Booger Gets Dating Advice from Grandma! The Cowboy Way – Tonight at 8p ET

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There's a lot to be learned about love and marriage from the people who've been at it a long, long time -- like grandma and grandpa.

My grandmother has developed a habit of falling on her way home from Bridge Club. Her most recent tumble took place while she was carrying a bag full of fresh berries; as her body hit the pavement her precious cargo went catapulting into the air.

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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Babushka wisdom is seriously all you need to get you through life. From yummy jam recipes and cures for what ails you, to relationship advice and where to get the best bargains, grandmas have got you covered. Imgur user NoCapes considers her grandma to be her best friend. After reconnecting with an ex-girlfriend and being left feeling a bit conflicted about it, she naturally turned to her grandma for advice. A bit weird, but crazy insightful and with a good story, grandmas are a cherished link to the past, when communication was simpler and not weighed down by all the techno-babble we suffer through these days. Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories.

People Keep Asking Miranda Kerr for Dating Advice and Boy Does She Keep Giving It

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I Asked My Grandma For Dating Advice, And It Was Surprisingly Helpful

You share your most intimate secrets with your search engine without even thinking: Your year-old is probably as self-absorbed as most teenagers. Is she on her cell phone the whole time? This has been a communication tool that has really isolated people, especially teens. When we text, we cannot see facial and body language, nor can we hear intonation. So, while your 17 y. Maybe when he or she is with grandma, the phone should be turned off. Grandma will not be around as long as cell phones, and he or she is missing such a great opportunity to have time with someone who loves them and can tell them how life was long before the grands were born.

Grandma’s Advice on Love and Dating

A year-old grandmother offered some candid insight when I interviewed her about dating and love for my documentary, 20 Questions. We spent nearly three hours talking about men, women, love and life. At the end of our time together, I told her that she should be teaching seminars and that if more women were like her, the world would be a better place. Well, we do … but she says women are the ones who are actually obsessed with sex. By younger, I mean more than half her age. She worked as a salesperson because she got pleasure in helping customers buy something that made them happy. How wonderful is that?

Speed Dating and Matchmaking with Grandma

The knowledge that the child you brought into this world is not only all grown up, but a parent, and that you are now a new grandma, is a scary prospect. You are excited and elated, but nervous and fearful all at the same time. The role is probably now a piece of cake for my sister Lucy since she has become a grandma 11 times. But she, too, went through all the trepidation initially that any first time grandmother must feel. Lucy lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where six of her grandkids and their parents currently also live. Since the kids are now college age, the visit took place many years ago, but Lucy remembers every detail vividly.

Dating advice from grandma
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